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本次展会,汉钟精机“智慧节能 智能变频 开创未来”为主题,现场携带技术领引、能效升级的空调产品;进入冷库节能新时代的冷冻产品;清洁制热、共创未来的热泵产品盛装亮相。充分展示了由中国独立自主研发的压缩机关键技术,提高了压缩机在世界市场的竞争能力,彰显了企业精神与担当,使绿色低碳的观念更加深入人心。

Hanbell with the themed of"Smart energy saving, intelligent variable-frequency, creating the future", with air conditioning products of technology leading energy efficiency upgrade,refrigeration products of entering a new era of cold storage energy saving, and high temperature heat pump products of clean heating, creating the future at this exhibition. It fully demonstrates the key technology of compressors independently developed by China, improves the competitiveness of compressors in the world market, highlights the spirit of enterprise and responsibility, and makes the concept of green and low-carbon more popular.


During the technical exchange, Hanbell provided customers with introductions and application solutions of Hanbell air conditioning products, refrigeration products and high-temperature heat pump products with technical personnel. The audience were enthusiastic about our on-site technical exchange!

随着低碳高质、绿色发展的观念深入人心,汉钟精机秉持先进理念,对产品进行了升级创新,凸显“智慧节能 智能变频 开创未来”先进理念,顺应了消费需求与市场变化,为客户创造价值,并以此来唤起观众对汉钟精机品牌的共鸣和认可,成为可信赖的专业压缩机品牌。

With the concept of low carbon, high quality and green development deeply rooted in people's hearts, Hanbell upholds the advanced concept, upgrades and innovates the products, highlights the advanced concept of "smart energy saving, intelligent variable-frequency, creating the future ", complies with consumer demand and market changes, creates value for customers, and arouses the audience's resonance and recognition of Hanbell’s brand. Become a reliable professional compressor brand.